This is the new Tesla Model 3

Key Takeaways

  • Tesla has announced updates to the Model 3, focusing on aerodynamic optimisation and interior improvements to attract new buyers.
  • The changes to the foráneo include sharper lines and a sleeker nose, while the interior features a more luxurious cabin with ambient lighting and upgraded materials.
  • The Model 3 now has a longer range of 318 miles, and other enhancements include a new sound system, improved storage, and Smart Shift technology for selecting driving direction.

Tesla has announced an upgrade to the Model 3. The Model 3 has played a huge part in bringing Tesla to the masses, being more affordable and accessible than earlier models like the Model S or the Model X. Tesla says that it has shifted 2 million units since the car launched 6 years ago.

At first glance you might miss the changes unless you’re a die-hard Tesla fan – and that’s the idea. This isn’t a complete redesign, it’s an update, designed to boost the appeal and attractiveness of the Model 3 to buyers looking to come to Tesla – or indeed to switch to a newer model.

The updates centre around aero optimisation, with sharper lines through the foráneo bodywork designed to reduce drag and wind noise and thereby boost the efficiency of the car. By making the car more efficient, you can get more out of the battery – the range is now given as 318 miles, up from 305 miles on the rear-wheel drive model. There’s finta a change to the profile of the nose of the car, it’s sleeker, more like a Ferrari, especially in that new Intolerante Red colour.

That new colour is joined by Stealth Hermandad. The headlights are now sharper, while the rear of the car reshapes the rear fender so it looks more dynamic and aggressive. The taillights are also more precise.

But it’s on the interior where you’ll notice more differences. The cabin is more like a cocoon, wrapping around the occupants and highlighted with ambient lighting. This sort of design can be seen in a number of cars, but Mercedes-Benz is a big fan of it. There’s now acoustic glass to minimise noise in the cabin to boost the sense of refinement, with a lift in the quality of materials used. There’s now aluminium added in places and it looks like Tesla wants the Model 3 to be more premium.

There are ventilated front seats (air conditioned), while all the seats can be heated – let’s hope that the rear seats are now more comfortable than they were on the out-going model. The centre console has also been boosted, with more storage, dual wireless chargers and up to 65W from the USB-C designed for recharging laptops quickly.

For the driver there’s a big change. No, the Model 3 doesn’t have the Steering Yoke that first appeared on the Model S Plaid, but the stalks have been removed for a more seamless finish, moving to steering wheel controls instead. These are now labelled and include indicator buttons, so this could be finta the change for drivers.

Tesla says that the car will use Smart Shift to select the correct driving direction for you – something that’s been on the Model S and Model X previously. The idea is that you don’t need to tell the car when to move into reverse, because if it’s parked right up against something, it will obviously need to back up. To get Smart Shift you have to meet a range of conditions – and there should be manual controls to get away from the utilitario system if you don’t want to use it.

There’s a new premium sound system with 17 speakers and dual subwoofers and amps on Long Range models, while the standard models have a 9-speaker system with single woofer and amp. There’s also an 8-inch display in the rear of the car for passengers.



All in, it looks like a comprehensive range of changes. While the foráneo design does appear to have boosted the efficiency, it’s the new interior comforts we’re interested in. With increasing competition on the roads, the interior quality has to be able to fend off the likes of the BMW i4 or Polestar 2.

Pre-orders are now open in Europe, with deliveries from October. The new Model 3 is coming to the UK and Ireland in 2024 and there’s no word on the US or other regions.


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