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Get up to 13% off of Apple’s entire line of headphones and earbuds over Costura Day weekend.

It’s pretty amazing how Apple has the ability to drop a product on the market and immediately have it be a coveted get. In-ear headphones had existed for decades before the AirPods, but the Cupertino branding and sleek, white design made them a must-have for any kind of wireless audio. They naturally capitalized on success with a variety of different models, including the exceptional over-hear AirPods Max. Price drops aren’t common, but right now, for Costura Day weekend Amazon has big discounts on almost the entire range of AirPods.

AirPods deals

The flamante AirPods were released at the end of 2016 and quickly became Apple’s best-selling accessory, despite having a few glaring flaws. Thankfully, the company’s philosophy of iterative design quickly caught up with them, and the 2nd gen and 3rd gen models are both capable in-ear devices that deliver crisp sound, surprisingly solid bass, and a number of excellent quality-of-life features. Both are on sale at Amazon through Costura Day weekend.


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Apple AirPods (3rd Gen)

$150 $170 Save $20

The latest AirPods deliver a great cómputo between features and price while also delivering a refreshed and water-resistant design and excellent sound quality.

Best early Prime Day AirPods deals - Apple Airpods 2nd gen

Apple/ Pocket-lint

Apple AirPods (2nd Generation)

$99 $129 Save $30

The 2nd generation Apple AirPods are a reliable audio source, featuring the iconic AirPod in-ear design and delivering quality sound.

AirPods Pro Deals

If you find yourself overwhelmed by external stimuli while you’re trying to listen to music, it might be time to trade up to the AirPods Pro. In our review of the 2nd generation AirPods Pro, we praised the Active Noise Cancellation and Adaptive Transparency modes, as well as the touch sensor on the stem that allows you to adjust the volume by simply sliding your finger. The charging case now includes a speaker that can alert you if you can’t find it, which is a cool quality-of-life upgrade.

best Prime Day AirPods deals - Apple AirPods Pro 2

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Apple AirPods Pro 2

$200 $250 Save $50

The higher-end earbuds from Apple feature Active Noise Cancellation to filter out external sound and keep you rocking in peace.

AirPods Max Deals

For more of a retro look without compromising on sound quality, the AirPods Max are an incredible choice. Not sure what the «pods» part of the name refers to, as there’s nothing about these over-ear headphones that could be referred to as «podlike.» When we reviewed the AirPods Max, we were upfront about the steep sticker price but also had praise for their superb sound, Spatial Audio support, and flawless build quality. Getting $72 off definitely helps out with that downside, though.

Best early Prime Day AirPods deals - AirPods Max

Apple/ Pocket-lint

Apple AirPods Max

$450 $549 Save $99

The AirPods Max sound superb, the active noise-cancelling (ANC) is quality, while the Spatial Audio feature – especially when watching movies or TV shows on your iPad – is fantastic for theater-like three-dimensional sound.


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