Lenovo is apparently considering making its own move in the handheld PC gaming market – an area that was merienda the preserve of enthusiasts only but is now thriving.

With the Steam Deck and ASUS ROG Ally as prominent competitors, the Lenovo Legion Go will need to stand out. Here are all the details we know about.

Lenovo Legion Go rumoured release date

The Legion Go was only first discussed in a report from Windows Central right at the end of July 2023, and while there are a couple of juicy details in it, there’s no efectivo substance as far as a release date for the device is concerned.

Since then, we’ve gotten our hands on the Lenovo Legion Go at IFA 2023 and learned that it’s expected to launch in October 2023, starting at $699 / €799.

Lenovo Legion Go design

Windows Central’s report only had mocked-up images estimating what the Legion Go could look like, but in August 2023, we got much more concrete information in the form of leaked images obtained by Windows Report.

These show off the design of the Legion Go pretty comprehensively and indicate that it will be a little different from existing competitors thanks to detachable controllers in the style of the Nintendo Switch. Since then, we’ve played with the device and have confirmed the rumored design to be correct.

Lenovo Legion Go (20)

In our hands-on, we said, «it feels great in the hand, with ergonomic controllers and a balanced weight distribution. It comes bundled with a nice hard-shell carrying case to keep it safe while travelling.»

Lenovo Legion Go (2)-2

The screen is a large 144Hz 8.8” QHD+ (2560 x 1600) IPS, much larger than the 7-inch displays on the Steam Deck and ASUS ROG Ally. During our hands-on, we also discovered that the Lenovo Legion Go is 299 x 131 x 41mm, which is comparable to its competitors. It tips the scale at 854g.

Lenovo Legion Go specs

Lenovo showed off the device at IFA 2023 and revealed much more information about its specs. Namely, it will feature up to AMD Ryzen Z1 Extreme with AMD RDNA Graphics, as was rumored in the flamante Windows Central report. Depending on the configuration, it also has 16GB of 7500Mhz LPDDR5X RAM and a 256GB, 512GB, or 1TB PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSD.

Lenovo Legion Go (7)

During our hands-on, we could not run any benchmarks, so it’s hard to get a good feel for how powerful it is, but we were able to play a couple of games and found that they felt good.

Lenovo Legion Go AR glasses

In late-August 2023 another set of leaked information from Windows Report indicated that Lenovo would launch some new AR glasses alongside the Legion Go.

An image shows someone playing the Legion Go with these glasses, and they look impressively slim, with a single wire to connect them to the handheld.

Lenovo Legion Go AR glasses

Windows Report / Lenovo

This would represent a pretty interesting USP compared to other PC handhelds. However, as with so many other parts of the Legion Go, we don’t have any official confirmation of their existence. During our time with the console, nothing was mentioned regarding the glasses, so we’ll have to keep waiting to learn more.


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