Best iPhone 15 Pro screen protectors 2023: Belkin, Spigen, more

The latest iPhone models have been announced, and if you’re planning to invest your money into one, especially the pricer iPhone 15 Pro model, then you’ll want to protect it.

The iPhone 15 Pro has a 6.1-inch OLED display, which you’ll want to safeguard against potential drops and crack-inducing damage. Replacing a screen without a warranty is not cheap. Apple’s repair calculator estimates that fixing a broken screen on a Pro model, for instance, costs about $329. That’s steep compared to using a screen protector – most of which cost as low as $6 and come in packs. So, we rounded up a selection of the best iPhone 15 Pro screen protectors to make it easy for you to keep your iPhone 15 Pro safe.

What factors should you consider when buying an iPhone 15 Pro screen protector?

It can be tempting to choose a screen protector based purely on price. There are perfectly functional value options under $10 from amFilm and Ferilinso that even include back-up screen protectors, but there are other important things to consider when selecting a screen protector, such as the installation process, feel of the iPhone 15 Pro screen protector, the privacy level, and more.

Installation process

When buying a screen protector for the iPhone 15 Pro, you should consider the ease of installation. All the screen protectors on our list come with installation kits to help them fit perfectly over the iPhone 15 Pro’s screen. But the Belkin UltraGlass is probably the best choice if you’re looking for something that has an easy-to-use installation kit. It’ll get the screen protector on just right every time.

Feel of the screen protector

You should also consider the depth of your screen protector and finding an iPhone 15 Pro screen protector that most closely mimics the feel and features of the phone’s display. While you might think thin is always best in this case, the material is actually just as important. We suggest buying a screen protector that is made of tempered glass or other high-quality materials as opposed to a thin plastic film.


It might not seem obvious, but where you’re using your phone and what you’re using it for might also impact your screen protector choice. If you’re someone who looks at sensitive data on your phone, or just hates the feeling of someone looking over your shoulder, the Spigen Privacy Tempered Glass Screen Protector is your choice. Merienda installed, you’ll be able to see your screen clearly when viewed from straight on, but the screen will become opaque when it’s viewed by othrs from a 45-degree angle or greater.


You might want a specific iPhone 15 Pro screen protector if you’re going to look at your phone in the sun often. The anti-glare matte screen protector from Supershieldz is a great choice to stop the glare from reflecting off of your screen, making it easier to see.

Will an iPhone 14 Pro screen protector fit the iPhone 15 Pro?

The short answer is maybe. If you have an iPhone 14 Pro, your screen protector may roughly fit over your iPhone 15 Pro. You should check whether the screen protector manufacturer has any guidance on if its iPhone 14 Pro screen protector will fit over the new Pro model. We also wouldn’t recommend using a screen protector that hasn’t been stored properly since you purchased it.

The iPhone 15 Pro does have slight differences in the build and size of its screen compared to its predecessor, so while an old screen protector might work, it won’t fit as perfectly as the best iPhone 15 Pro screen protectors listed in our guide.

Which iPhone 15 Pro screen protector is right for you?

We did our research and have used several screen protectors from these brands over the years and can confidently say all the ones above will protect your iPhone 15 Pro’s screen. Deciding the best choice for you will come down to what you value most in a screen protector: Ease of installation? Price? Personally, I have used the cheaper amFilm screen protectors in the past, and while they always protect my screen, they usually end up noticeably misaligned. It’s not a big deal as long as it’s still protecting the phone, but the iPhone 15 Pro is a pricey device and you might think it demands a more premium screen protector.


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