Apple’s Magic Mouse misses out on USB-C and my heart bleeds

Apple recently announced its new M3 series silicon hardware during its ‘Scary Fast’ event. Promising a number of performance gains, they will be powering a new version of the iMac and updated MacBook Pro models. For everything those new Macs bring however, there was a glaring omission from the 30-minute event, and I’m not talking about a shiny new iPad.

No. I’m talking about the lack of new accessories for those Mac devices: no new Magic Mouse, no new Magic Trackpad and no new Magic Keyboard. I fully expected the Mac accessories to be updated from Lightning to USB-C, and yet it was as though the company’s move to USB-C on iPhone and AirPods only a month prior was a figment of my imagination. What happened to the convenience of using one cable?

Why Apple should have announced an update to the Magic Mouse

The humble mouse is arguably Apple’s worst designed product – I mean it’s literally not useable when charging given the port is on the bottom – but the company chose not to give it the USB-C upgrade and move that port at the same time. Given that the perfectly-functioning AirPods Pro (2nd Generation) from 2022 were given the USB-C treatment only a year after their release, I’m slightly baffled – and so sad – that the Magic Mouse wasn’t given the same.

Apple Magic Mouse

Apple/ Pocket-lint

Apple Magic Mouse

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The original Magic Mouse was announced way back in 2009 and back then it ran on two AA batteries. I’ve still got that little guy and it still works without an issue despite being over two decades old. The Magic Mouse 2 then launched in 2015 with Bluetooth 3.0 and it replaced the batteries with a Lightning port on the underside – which pretty much resulted in one of the weirdest design decisions we’ve seen from Apple, which is otherwise widely-regarded as making solid design choices.

The Magic Mouse 3 – and the model that is now sold – added multi-touch gestures and is capable of tracking finger movements while retaining the low-profile sleek design. The Magic Mouse is also colour-matched to the iMac, which is as satisfying as the colour-matched Lighting port that launched on the iPhone 5C way back in 2013, from a design perspective at least. But the Magic Mouse still retained the Lightning port on the underside, and while you can get a full day of charge in a few minutes, why Apple – just why – could you not have updated it with the new iMac?

27 inch apple imac late 2009 image 9

I know it’s only been 18 months, but it’s been 8 years since that initial design decision was made. The launch of a new iMac on M3 was the perfect opportunity to add USB-C – like the latest iPhone 15 models and AirPods Pro – and rectify that odd position too. But USB-C runs further, because it’s also on the iPad Pro – heck, the iMac itself has had a run of USB-C on the rear for years. But you’ll still have to have a Lightning cable to hand to charge your Magic Mouse.

Sure, changing the design would entail greater cost, but when you’ve made a big announcement about a device that’s going to use such accessories, surely this was the opportunity to make that change for the benefit of the future?


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